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What is MV SPA?


  • MV SPA is the bath products for beauty, diet.
  • MV SPA is a good product that have effect to fatlgue recovery, Cut is affection, blood clrculation, skin beauty art.
  • MV SPA is a product that use oxygen flsh sound producer and running water low frequency.
  • MV SPA is product for good neck in health that can experience hot spring effect at the house.
  • MV SPA does not become comparison with other product, MV SPA generates a lot of anions.
  • MV SPA Kills germs in body, water that happen at a increasing bath.

What is Micro Nano Bubble ?

Definition of Micro Bubble

Microscopic bubbles under 30um(micrometer)
That cannot be seen with bare eyes.
(1 um = 1/1,000,000 meter)

Special Features of Micro Bubble

1. Nano bubbles rise slowly to the surface of water at the speed of 0.1m/sec. (Many bubbles Vanish before they touch the surface.)

2. Micro bubbles generate special conditions as they touch the surface of water and pop. Which are:

  • 40Khz ultrasonic wave.
  • 140db frequency.
  • 4000~6000 degree of instant high temperature.

What is Detox ?

It is detoxification therapy of the human body and derives its name from the word 'detoxification'.
The demand for this new therapy founded recently is increasing and it consists of:
1. Controlling toxic substance from entering inside the human body.
2. Stimulating discharge of waste material through organs such as intestines, lungs, skins?etc.

Main Benefits

1. Sterilization (Dermatosis Improvement)
Negatively charged oxygen has high bonding force so that they they stick to impurities underwater and eliminate with high energy as the bubbles burst

2. Cleansing
Small ultrasonic wave and high radio frequency cleanse skin impurities in pores.

3. Diet
Small ultrasonic wave and high temperature acts directly on skin and breaks down fat layer.

4. Alleviate pain and recover from fatigue (Negative lon)
Small ultrasonic wave is transferred instantly to internal organs of body and alleviates Nervous, boney and muscular pains.



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