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It’s a great honorable for us to contact you.

We are at YEGA, YEGA is dealing with some products.


First, healthy & beauty products, Micro Bubble Shwoer Head & MV SPA.

        When micro bubble is bumped on the surface of the water,

        anion happens.

        It is beauty art that make combining advanced scientific technique.


Effect of this product is same as under.

-      Its good for Skin and Beauty .

-      Its good for blood circulation

-      Specially, Its good for women's abdomen & body fat solution.(Reduce body fat).

-      Its good for cutis affection such as atopy

-      Fatigue recovery. Etc.


Second,  Thermal Conductive Tape.          

                Thickness : 0.25T ~ 1.0T. Thermal Conductivity : 0.6 W/mk

                AThermal Conductive tape is using at Electronics parts.


Third, Acrylic foma tape.


              Thickness : 0.25T ~ 2.0T.

              Color : Gray, Dark Gray, White and Clear.

              Acrylic foma tape is using at Automobile parts.



                   Thickness : 0.57T

                   Color : White & Gray.


Forth, IR FILM.



     Special Structural Film for Building Windows

     Suppress indoor temperature rise in summer by shutting out solar heat and

Minimize energy loss in winter by locking up indoor warmth

     Maximum penetrability of visible ray provides clear visibility and pleasant work environment

     Insulation Film is excellent in insulation, blocking UV ray and reducing glare as well as economical

     Block over 99% of UV rays

     Maintain indoor temperature

Save on air conditioning costs

     Reduce energy cost by 20-30%


Please feel free to contact us


We hope to be hearing from you soon.
Have a nice day!
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Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameYEGA COLTD
  • Business TypeTrading Company
  • Year Established
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Homepage http://
  • PresidentHA SEONG WOO
  • Phone+82-55-365-3985
  • FAX+82-55-365-3986
  • Address674-10,Beomeo-ri, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan Si, GYEONGSANGNAM-DO, KOREA
  • Product Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Batteries > Other Batteries
    Security & Protection > Other Security & Protection Products

Additional Introduction

We at Yega Co., Ltd. is agent, export company.

We treat several products ; security products, health products, advertise products. The security products is cctv camera, DVR. The health products is MV SPA, function underwear for women.

The advertise products is LED display foe advertisement. MV SPA is the bath products for beauty, diet.